4 Types of Ice Facials & Their Benefits

Here’s a chilling thought. What if we told you that the latest addition to your beauty regimen was ice? Now hear us out here. Ice being used for skin treatment is by no means a new phenomenon. Ice has been used in spas for skin care treatments for many years and for many reasons such as in cryotherapy in order to destroy fat cells. In fact, ice facials have actually only become more popular, particularly for morning and evening rituals. Wellth would like to share with you four different types of ice facials, how to make and use them, and their benefits:

1. Rosewater

On its own, rosewater not only removes makeup with great ease, but it also provides your skin with moisturization. But, when turned into ice-cubes, it doesn’t only do those things, it also fights bacteria and reduces lines keeping your face fresh and clear.

How it’s Made

    • One cup of normal water
    • Add another cup of concentrated rosewater
    • Mix the two
    • Pour into an ice tray for freezing
    • When the ice is ready, you may begin your new routine.

2. Green Tea

Because green tea is flushed with antioxidants, it is great for getting rid of those dark circles and pimples, but when frozen, not only will it detoxify your body and burn off excess fat, but it also prevents diseases and keeps your skin looking rejuvenated.

How it’s Made

    • Boil water
    • Put two green tea bags in the boiling water
    • Let the tea brew
    • Once brewed, pour in an ice tray for freezing
    • Once frozen, let the rejuvenation begin


3. Basil & Aloe Vera

While both of these are already great for your skin, but when frozen, the aloe vera removes excess oil and helps with acne while the basil being an already potent antioxidant soothes your skin.

How it’s Made

    • Put a handful of basil leaves in one cup of water
    • Grind them
    • Add in two tablespoons of natural aloe vera gel
    • Mix it all
    • Once mixed, place in an ice tray to freeze for later use

4. Coffee

Here’s one I bet you didn’t see coming! Besides being the perfect morning pick-me-up, coffee is also and quite surprisingly a complete storehouse of rejuvenating components which are wonderful for your skin.

How it’s Made

    • Boil water
    • Put two tablespoons of coffee in the water for brewing
    • Once finished, pour into an ice tray, so you may later reap the benefits

Clearly, these are not the only types of ice facials that one can do, and by all means, be sure to do your own research to verify the benefits of these different types of facials! Here at Wellth, helping you find that best version of you is our top priority. Caring for yourself shouldn’t have to be chore, so be sure to put yourself first.




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