Men’s Skincare: How to Build a Face-Saving, Age-Defying Skincare Routine


Have you noticed your skin getting a little dry or maybe you have noticed one pimple too many? If you’re a man, then you’re probably not alone if you find yourself in this situation because it may or may not surprise you to learn that most men either have a minimal or non-existent process when it comes to their skin care. If this is the case for you, Wellth would like to offer you some helpful solutions in building a routine:


Face Cleanse

A man’s skin tends to be oilier than a woman’s. This is due to an increase in sebaceous glands which tend to be larger in men which will result in more oil production. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you wash your face once in the morning and once at night. Any more than that will result in dryer skin. To help with this, try Sheamoisture: Facial Wash & Scrub


Face Scrub

In order to be able to properly exfoliate, you will need a face scrub. Most men tend to only need the scrub once or twice a week, although some with particularly oily skin have been known to use it three times a week. The face scrub should not be used more than three times a week in order to avoid an over-drying of skin. Try Every Man Jack: Face Scrub


Facial Serum

Because of its incredibly potent properties, facial serum should only be applied once in the morning and one at night. The Cocokind: Serum Facial Repair is a great serum that can be used by both men and women.



Moisturizer should only be applied when your skin is damp. It would also be beneficial to moisturize after every time you wash your face. We recommend Everyone: Face Nourishing Moisturizer.


            With these tools, there is no reason to dread looking in the mirror. We here at Wellth strive to bring out the best version of you. After all, you owe it to yourself to feel good and look even better.

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