Natural Cleaning Products: A Beginner’s Guide



Here at Wellth we are BIG believers in the power of going natural, on your skin and in your home. For a long time, before “going green” was a thing, people have cleaned their homes with whatever big chemical companies produced. If it was on the shelves, it was getting used on dishes, floors and in our laundry. It’s wild, but it never occurred to people that maybe these chemicals weren’t great for our skin and the planet.

Well, today we know better! There’s been so much research over the years about how cleaning chemicals affect our respiratory system, skin and overall health; from the soap we wash our dishes with the spray we clean our windows with not to mention how the production process pollutes our planet. But it can be confusing! Which products should you use?

Are natural cleaning products effective?

Just because it says “natural” on the label doesn’t mean the product is actually ALL natural. Big companies have jumped on the wave of going green and in an effort to trick the public, will add in something like lavender to the toxic mix of industrial chemicals and sell it as “Made with natural products.” Really, they have added ONE natural ingredient and crossed their fingers that you won’t look deeper. 

Additionally, remember that not all “natural” ingredients are non-toxic. Some ingredients are derived from plants found in nature but can still be harmful to people. Arsenic is a natural substance, but you still aren’t supposed to consume it!

Here are some of our favorite natural cleaning products.

Knowing where to start is the hardest part. It can be daunting when you don’t know what to look for and there are so many choices out there (some of which are a wolf in sheep’s clothing). At Wellth, we aim to make the process easier for you. Here, are some of our favorite natural cleaning products for you to use around your home and get you started on your natural cleaning journey:

Ecos All Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaner

Everyone needs a good all-around cleaner in their home, and Parsley Plus – All-Purpose Cleaner from Ecos is one of the best. Made with all-natural ingredients that work just as hard at fighting grease and dirt in your home as you do, you can be assured that your cleaner won’t be bringing in something more dangerous and toxic in your home than the germs that you’re trying to clean! Additionally, Ecos’ efforts at becoming a Climate Positive company mean that when you shop this product, you’re also supporting a company that is making great strides for our planet.

Laundry Detergent

Method free + clear laundry detergent is specially formulated from plant-based ingredients and the bottle is hypo-allergenic and biodegradable. Method has no perfumes, no dyes, or anything else that might end up irritating for your skin. Method is also completely transparent about everything that they put in their cleaners (and where the ingredient comes from!), showing their dedication to sustainable sourcing of ingredients as well as their consciousness of business practices when it comes to the planet.

Method Laundry Detergent

Kiss My Face

Hand Soap

Kiss My Face – coconut hand soap is super moisturizing and made by a company that cares about you and the planet. It’s the mission of Kiss My Face to find and combine these wholesome ingredients to create the most effective and consistently better body and personal care products anywhere in a healthy, sustainable way...because they care about the environment. 

Toilet Cleaner

Ecos toilet cleaner, cedar is extraordinarily effective at cleaning, deodorizing and tackling scale in toilet bowls. It also leaves the bathroom smelling fresh with the clean scent of cedar.

Ecos Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleaner Lemongrass Citrus –This multi-surface cleaner from Seventh Generation is one of the best. It uses absolutely no chemical solvents or dyes that cannot be found in nature. Even their bottles that they use are recyclable and use 80% recycled materials. Their goal as a company is to “transform the world into a healthy, sustainable & equitable place for the next seven generations” which is a mission statement I think we can all get behind.

Here’s what to expect when you make the move to natural cleaning products

In order to do the job right, some natural products can have a pretty strong scent because they use the germ-eliminating power of vinegar. On the other hand, some are scented with essential oils which have the dual talents of both smelling great and being anti-microbial.  

Feeling Satisfied!

Brands that are Green usually have a very altruistic ethos. They give a portion of their proceeds to organizations that advocate for a clean planet. We at Wellth, aim to carry brands that are Certified B Corporations, which are companies that balance profit and purpose, using their power to further education and initiatives which promote a healthy planet. In going green you can be assured that you are doing your part to create a better environment for you children’s children to grow up in.

At Wellth are happy to support all of these companies and feature them on our website. They’re doing amazing work for the planet and their consumers, making sure that every step we make as a society is a positive one for the planet. If you have to clean your home (and we all do, even if it’s a chore!), you want to make sure that you’re not risking your family with toxic cleaners. These products will get you started on the right path! Happy cleaning!



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