Top 5 Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Products


Cleaning your home used to be a boring but necessary chore. Not anymore, though. A recent study by the CDC revealed that 60% of respondents reported more frequent cleaning and disinfecting in recent months, compared to the months and years before. Now, the pandemic is the obvious reason for that, and public conscientiousness over cleanliness has drawn greater attention to the chemicals we are using in our home.

While everyone wants to ensure that they’re using the most effective cleaners in their home, it’s also important to consider the toxicity of the chemicals that you’re spraying in the quest for a cleaner home. Cleanliness doesn’t need to come at the expense of health.

Our 5 favorite Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

 H2One Lavender Hand Sanitizer: In the age of the pandemic, we’re all looking for the next and better hand sanitizer to make sure that we’re staying clean on the go, while remaining friendly to the planet. This sanitizer by H2One fits all the bills: 75% alcohol content for a thorough cleaning, portability, and free of denatured alcohols that could harm you and your family. This sanitizer is easy to pop in your pocket to take on the go or keep on the counter for a quick clean between hand washings as we strive to keep our families healthy and safe.


 ECOS All-Purpose Cleaner – Orange Plus: This all-purpose cleaner from ECOS is free of chemicals and uses plant-powered ingredients to ensure that you’re using the best when you’re cleaning your home. With a pleasing orange scent, not only will you be confident that your house is clean and disinfected, but you’ll also be free of the nasty chemical scent that we all hate!


Method Dish Soap - Liquid Clementine: While we want to make sure that we are using the best quality products to ensure cleanliness, we also want to keep our skin looking and feeling soft. All the hand washing, and sanitizing can be hard on your skin, which is why this dish soap from Method is on our list. This cleansing soap is highly eco-friendly as well as friendly to our skin. It’ll leave you with soft hands and an easy mind. 


Bronner’s Pure Liquid Castille Soap: This concentrated cleaning formula from Dr. Bronner has over a dozen uses, not just for the body but in the home as well. Clean your, counters, floors, carpets, pets, and children with this patented formula, and be confident that you’re using the best for your household.



 Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes: When you can’t get all the supplies out for a thorough deep clean, you still need to be able to sanitize the surfaces in your home and be confident that you’re doing it without toxic chemicals that might hurt your family. These disinfecting wipes from Seventh Generation fit the bill, using only eco-friendly cleansers in their formula which will leave your house feeling clean in more ways than one.


There are many more products from these companies that can be used all over your home without fearing for their impact on the planet. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that we’re leaving a better planet for future generations while still making sure our families are safe and clean today.