5 Tips on Preventing and Treating Buttne

Butt acne. Two words that should never be right next to each other and yet they are. Butt acne, better known as buttne,  is a little bit different from facial acne, in terms of what causes it and how it’s treated. When acne forms on our butt, it’s because of folliculitis which is usually caused when staph bacteria infect a hair follicle. Usually, staph bacteria are able to live on your skin without causing any major issues, but when they get inside through a break in the skin, it will result with an infection which will result in a boil which will result in a world of pain. But what can be done about it? Here are five helpful tips to combat buttne: 


  • Clean Yourself Regularly 

If you know the struggle of butt acne, you will want to wash your skin in every morning and every evening. By doing this, you will help rid yourself of dirt and bacteria buildup from sweat. Another tip for cleaning is to never underestimate the power of good antibacterial soap. Wellth offers a variety for your use. 


  • Exfoliate  

Exfoliating wash can be an absolute godsend and it helps get rid of dead skin cells and dirt which could contribute to clogged follicles and infection. For some top notch exfoliating wash, visit Wellth website and view our selection here. 


  • Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree has been used to treat many different skin infections. Studies have shown it to be effective in killing bacteria and may be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide for treating acne. Check out Wellth’s selection here. 


  • Shower After Exercise 

Sweat and dirt on your skin after exercising can be a big contributor to butt acne. Prevent that from happening by jumping into the shower as soon as possible after you’re done. Be sure to wash workout clothes immediately after each use. 


  • Wear Looser Clothing 

You might want to take a break from those tight jeans in favor of looser clothes. Choose clothing, especially underwear, made from natural cotton if you can. Give your legs and everything else room to breathe. 


Yes, buttne is a very real problem that some people experience. But fortunately, it is something that can be dealt with and Wellth as always is here to help. Afterall, no one deserves pain like that. 


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