5 Tips on Relieving Tension

Stress has a way of getting the best of us sometimes. There are so many ways to combat anxiety, shift yourself out of a stress response while it’s happening but even better than that there are ways to prevent it before it takes a toll. It’s important to know that as human beings we aren’t meant to be processing high levels of stress chemicals on a daily basis and it does take a toll. If you are noticing that you are being gripped by stress during your day and it is manifesting physically it may be a signal that you need to pay attention to it.

Here are five tips to help relieve some of that tension:

Going out for a Walk

Now, it goes without saying that pretty much any form of exercise can relieve stress. However, activities such as walking and/or jogging which require repetitive movements of large muscle groups can be particularly good for relieving tension, especially since they offer many of the same benefits as meditation. Keep in mind that these benefits are at their strongest when you exercise on a regular basis, so it is paramount that you keep it up. Afterall, people who exercise more regularly than others are less likely to feel stress and/or anxiety. The reason for this is because regular exercise causes lower levels of stress hormones and helps release endorphins.

Writing a Journal

This is my personal favorite. Feel stressed? Write about it. Many studies show that journaling can be a great tool in improving one’s mental health. If you find yourself struggling with negative thoughts or an overwhelming situation, you may be amazed just how therapeutic just writing it all down can be. Just write until you can no longer write. Let it all out. Another great thing about journaling is that you don’t just have to focus on the negatives, you can also focus on the positives. Keeping a gratitude or a success journal can do wonders for your self-esteem especially on those days where you’re being particularly hard yourself because then you have something to remind you just how amazing you actually are.

Taking Supplements

There are many herbal and natural supplements that are able to help relieve tension. Among the most common are lemon balms. A member of the mint family, lemon balms have been studied for their anti-anxiety effects and research has shown that even taking a single dose of lemon balm can increase calmness and alertness. Another popular supplement is Vitamin B. Studies have shown that B-complex supplements have been shown to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of anxiety. To help relieve your stress, Wellth would like to offer our selections of Lemon Balms and Vitamin B supplements.


Aromatherapy is the medicinal use of aromatic essential oils in order improve your health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Studies have shown that aromatherapy can lower anxiety and improve upon sleep. Wellth offers a variety of essential oils such as Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, and many more. So, please check those. You will not be disappointed.

Try a Soundbath

The miracle tone 528 hertz is a healing frequency that promotes emotional and full body/cell restoration at the DNA level. You can find this amazing sound online! Try YouTube and turn it on during your day before the stress turns to tension in your neck.


Now, while these tips are by no means all of what you can do to relieve some tension, it is definitely a start in the right direction. The negative effects of stress are too numerous to mention, so it is extremely important to prioritize yourself whether it being going on a walk with friend, listening to that one song that just tugs at the heartstrings, or even meditating. Put yourself first, you’re worth it.

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