Our Favorite DIY Shots



Like shots? So, do we! But probably not the shots you’re thinking of. Here at Wellth, we are huge supporters of wellness elixirs, immunity boosters, and gut shots. The best part about these? You can easily make them at home and you may not even need a juicer for some of them. Here is a list of our favorite DIY shots here at Wellth: 


  • Alkalizing Green Shot 

Need a little a balance in your life? Mixed with Cilantro for metal detox and protein rich Spirulina for alkalizing, mineralizing, and energizing, this shot is just the thing to get you back to center. Add in some fresh pear juice for sweetness and some lemon for that extra zing, and you will never look back. 


  • Wheatgrass Antioxidant Shot 

Already full of chlorophyll and vitamins C and E, wheatgrass has also demonstrated anti-cancer effects. Take some wheatgrass and balance it out with a little bit of coconut water for sweetness and hydrating electrolytes and you’ve got yourself the perfect antioxidant shot! 


  • Ginger Immunity Shot 

Need to get rid of that cold or flu? This little mix is perfect for breaking up mucus. All you need to do is juice up an apple, ginger powder, and a lemon. Once all those ingredients are juiced, top it off with cayenne pepper and your shot is ready.  


  • ACV Acid-Balancer Shot 

Acid reflux and indigestion causing you problems? We have a solution that just might be the thing you’re looking for. Now, while it may not make sense to consume vinegar when you’re already acidic, but ACV actually has the ability abilities to bring down the overproduction of stomach acid. You’ll also want to take this on an empty stomach. All you’ll need is ACV, Manuka Honey, and hot water. Mix these together and you are ready to go! 


It really is amazing to learn all of the health benefits that can be found in common household ingredients, and these mixtures have proven to be more beneficial for those who use them. At Wellth, we strongly encourage you to not only give these shots a try, but also reap their benefits. After all, you’re worth it. 

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